New and Emerging AAC Technology Supports: Read the State of the Science article about New and Emerging AAC Technology Supports for Children with Complex Communication Needs and their Communication Partners: State of the Science and Future Research Directions written by experts in the field, Dr. Janice Light, Dr. David McNaughton & Dr. Jessica Caron, 2019

Recipes for Success: Developed by the AT Team at Children’s Hospital of Richmond @ VCU, the RECIPES FOR SUCCESS series are handouts that support parents by providing simple ways to embed a young child’s use of AAC within familiar play routines. The first resource focuses on the car play routine as well as bubbles.

Communication Partner Strategies: One important aspect in helping young children who use AAC become effective communicators in natural environments is to train their family, teachers, friends, and service providers to use supportive interaction strategies. This COMMUNICATION PARTNER STRATEGIES: SUPPORTING CHILDREN TO COMMUNICATE WITH AAC BOOKLET is a great resource to help communication partners understand and develop skills in engaging, modeling, and supporting.

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