Taking Care of Ourselves and our Children During the Pandemic: This features tips, strategies and stories to help illustrate how families are taking care of themselves and their families during the Pandemic.  In addition, to the information session recording, a resource sheet highlights the resources that were shared during the session.

Resources for Masks for Children: The Office of Child Development and Early Learning is sharing this list of resources for program staff and families.  These resources do not, and are not intended to, prescribe specific guidance about mask wearing for children.

Tips for Families: This tip sheet can help families prepare for Tele-intervention services for the first time. It provides information on what to expect and how you can prepare.

Wearing Masks: These scripted stories, with their colorful and fun photographs of children and families, help explain to children the how, why, and when of wearing face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Also available in Spanish.

Helping Children Understand Emotions When Wearing Masks: These tips and ideas help children identify emotions when faces, our most expressive feature, are covered by a mask. Parents and practitioners can use these strategies to let children know that behind the mask, a kind and warm expression is still there.

Greetings While Social Distancing: This colorful greeting board uses expressive photos of children to demonstrate ways to greet each other while maintaining social distancing. In English and Spanish, the examples included are air hug, elbow bump and thumbs up.

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