Professional Development

    • Orientation to Deafness and Hearing Loss in Infants and Young Children (EITA online course) This online course is made up of 9 modules containing a videotaped presentation with both Learning Activities and Study Questions.
    • Lots of Ways to Listen (EITA job aid) This job aid will provide you with knowledge, perspective and tools to use as you work with families of children with hearing loss.
    • Online Courses for Parents and Professionals who want to know more about Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (external courses) The Bureau of Early Intervention Services and Early Intervention Technical Assistance (EITA) are collaborating with the Boys Town Learning Center to offer online courses designed for parents of young children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and the professionals who provide support to these children and families. This document will provide more information and registration information.
    • CID Online Courses:  Teaching Children with Hearing Loss to Listen, Talk, Read and Succeed. (external courses)These FREE online courses introduce participants to concepts necessary to serve children with hearing loss learning to listen and talk. Check out Pediatric Audiology,Early Intervention,Family Sessions and Coaching Strategies, Auditory Training with SPICE and more. ASHA credits are available for a fee.


    Hands & Voices Guide By Your Side (GBYS™ of PA is a new parent support program that links families of infants and toddlers newly identified with deafness and hearing loss throughout Pennsylvania with trained and experienced Parent Guides. GBYS of PA Site (external link)
    The Newborn Hearing Screening at the PA Department of Health, Bureau of Family Health and the American Academy of Pediatricians provides information for families, physicians, audiologists and birth facilities. PA Early Hearing Site (external link) was created to answer parents’ questions about infant hearing screening and follow up testing; steps to take after diagnosis of hearing loss; hearing loss & hearing aids, language & speech; and parenting issues.

    My Baby’s Hearing (external link) is brought to you by a team of professionals at Boys Town National Research Hospital. 

    Hearing loss can affect a child’s ability to develop communication, language, and social skills. The earlier children with hearing loss start getting services, the more likely they are to reach their full potential. This website will give you information about programs and services to help you and your child. Hearing Loss in Children (external link)

    While there be sure to check out: A Parent’s Guide to Hearing Loss: Information about programs and services to help you and your child; Hearing Screening: What’s Your Baby’s Hearing Screening Result; and Amy’s Story: Mother of twins who both have hearing loss.


This guide was designed by parents for use by parents of newly diagnosed children to assist them in understanding the impact of hearing loss on babies and families. Getting Started 
While use of the Early Intervention Communication Plan form is optional, the content is required as part of the IFSP/IEP for young children who are deaf, hard of hearing, or deaf-blind.  The Early Intervention Communication Plan form may be used to meet this requirement, or the content can be embedded in the IFSP/IEP.  To assist with transition, the Early Intervention Communication plan has been revised to align with the school-age Communication Plan. The annotations give guidance on the use of the Early Intervention Communication Plan in completing the IFSP/IEP. PA Early Intervention Communication Plan (external link)
The purpose of this release of information is to obtain permission to share information with the PA Department of Health Newborn Screening Program and the Guide By Your Side parent support program. Release of Information (external link)


The purpose of this announcement is to provide guidance to early intervention programs serving infants, toddlers and preschool age children with hearing loss and their families.  Effective Date August 1, 2013. Announcement (external link)
“This is a link to an online bulletin board of resources for families of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers who have hearing concerns and the professionals who work with them.  You can suggest additions to the bulletin board by double clicking on a blank spot on the page and creating a resource suggestion which will be reviewed and approved for addition.”  Take me to the Bulletin Board(external link)




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