Laws & Regulations

These links will take you to websites that will have further links to EI Laws, Regulations and Announcements. Search the sites for information regarding IDEA Part B, Section 619, Part C, Natural Environments and LRE.

web Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) (external link)
web_nl PDE Early Intervention page (external link)
web Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS) (external link)
web_nl DHS Early Intervention page (external link)
web_nl Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center (ECTAC) (external link)



Check out our Professionals Page to see a list of important Pennsylvania and national websites relating to early intervention and early childhood.

The PA Early Ed News (external link) is a biweekly e-newsletter to inform early learning professionals, the early childhood community, school district staff, policymakers, community leaders and the public on developments in early childhood education and care in Pennsylvania. The newsletter is free and open to anyone.


form_nlFrequently Used Forms  (external link) (Here you can find frequently used forms by searching by Age Group and Language.  Annotated Forms are also available for each Age Group.)

form_nl Infant/Toddler Evaluation Report
form_nl Infant/Toddler Evaluation Report Annotated
form_nl Preschool Evaluation Report
form_nl Preschool Evaluation Report Annotated
form_nl IFSP/IEP Blank form
form_nl IFSP Annotated
form_nl IEP Annotated
form Foreign Language Forms  (external link) (you will find them at the bottom of the page)
form_nl Annotated Guidance for Writing Session Notes (external link)


doc_nl A Families Introduction to Early Intervention in Pennsylvania (external link)
doc_nl Early Intervention Fact Sheets
– Services and Supports (external link)
– Services and Supports: Facts for Families (external link)
doc_nl Watch Me Grow (PA’s Child Find Documents)
– Brochure (external link)
doc_nl Guidelines to Support the Early Intervention Process
– Transition (external link)
doc An Early Education Provider’s Guide to Early Intervention in Pennsylvania (external link)

Professional Development

Ask for help:

Because you are new to EI, you will probably have many questions and will need to know where to go to get the answers.  If you are a family member, you should begin by asking your Service Coordinator or your child’s teacher.  As a provider, start with your immediate supervisor or contact the County EI Coordinator or Preschool Supervisor. Check out the Contact Us page on this site for more information.  The assistance of a Bureau of Early Intervention Services (BEIS) Advisor or EITA Consultant is always available.  For a listing of EITA Consultants, check out the Contact Us page on this site for more information.