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Providers’ Perspective on Coaching Families and FGRBI
Early Interventionists share how Family Guided Routines Based Intervention (FGRBI) has shifted their thinking and how they empower families through Early Intervention Services.

EITA Master Coach explains why FGRBI was selected as the evidence-based coaching model to be implemented in PA Infant Toddler Early Intervention Programs.

Families Taking the Lead in FGRBI
Speech Language Pathologist shares her role in guiding and supporting families as they develop their plan of support for their child.

Refining Practice through Video Reflection
Occupational Therapist explains the importance and benefits of video reflection as part of ongoing professional growth.

Using Video Reflection to take a Step Back
Speech Language Pathologist discusses how she uses video to identify areas for improvement in her practice and how she explains the purpose of recording to families.

Conversations about Coaching: The Family 5Q
Teacher of the Deaf shares how putting the Family 5Q into practice helped her to realize it is the family’s plan for between sessions – not hers!

Conversations about Coaching: A Family Perspective
Parent shares with Endorsed PA EI Coach how service delivery using a coaching model has benefitted her family.

Voices from the Field
Early Intervention personnel in various roles reflect on their experiences with coaching.

Web Resources

Coaching Installation Professional Development Sequence: Provides access to information, webinars and resources for EI providers enrolled in the Infant Toddler Coaching Installation Professional Development Sequence 2022 – 2023.

Family Guided Routines Based Interventions: Resources for EI providers that promote their ability to coach caregivers to engage their children in learning as they participate in everyday routines and activities.

Early Intervention Strategies for Success: Resources for Service Coordinators including tips, insights, and practical strategies to incorporate coaching in their work.

Anita Zucker Center for Excellence in Early Childhood Studies: Resources for practitioners supporting early care and education programs on topics including embedded instruction.

Announcement EI-20-03, Early Intervention Service Delivery: Coaching Across Settings: Establishes the vision and expectations for how EI services are to be delivered in PA.

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