Promoting Friendships for Young Children: Learning to play with others is not always easy for toddlers and preschoolers. Your child or the child you work with, may need some guidance in this area from you and others. The more involved they are in all aspects of family, school, and community life, the more opportunities they will have to learn about socializing with others and to have fun participating in recreational activities. Utilize these resources to help your child or the child you work with who is blind or visually impaired learn to play with other children and build friendships.

Developing Routines: Routines are an important way to help young children to develop concepts and skills that are the basis of literacy among other early childhood routines and life skills. Meaningful experiences are a critical foundation to learning and participating. Check out these great ideas about how structuring activities in a clear and predictable manner help children learn many skills that will help them to be successful!

Do you know what a Literacy Skills Kit is? A literacy skills kit is an easy, “take with you” kit that has carefully chosen books and materials in it related to a specific skill that a child with a visual impairment is learning along with questions, follow-up activities, and more. Paths to Literacy provides a step-by-step process on how to create these fun, tactually-engaging kits with readily available materials!

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