A new school year is filled with excitement and uncertainty this year. Let’s make sure we are setting up our children with visual impairments/blindness with success! Visit the Family Connect website to explore up to date self-care and self-advocacy tips to equip you in supporting your child’s level of independence!

Teaching fire safety is important for all children, but children with visual impairments are at increased risk in the event of a fire. Providing them with practice, preparation and exposure to fire-related concepts is key. Visit the Perkins School for the Blind webpage for eight effective ways to teach fire safety to young children with visual impairments today!

Do you know what a Literacy Skills Kit is? A literacy skills kit is an easy, “take with you” kit that has carefully chosen books and materials in it related to a specific skill that a child with a visual impairment is learning along with questions, follow-up activities, and more. Paths to Literacy provides a step-by-step process on how to create these fun, tactually-engaging kits with readily available materials!

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