Family Connect: Spring into Summer with these great activities for children who are blind or visually impaired! As children learn to take care of themselves and foster independence, it’s important we teach them good habits to be healthy. Family Connect offers great strategies to stay safe while having fun outdoors in addition to many other strategies! 

Creating an Experience Book:  This is an alternative to finding a book and adapting it for an individual child. To create a book like this, an adult works directly with a child and does an activity or participates in a special event with them while “writing it down.” The adult explains to the child what will happen, engages in the activity with them, talks about it afterwards, and writes a short book about it. For a child who doesn’t yet have expressive language, using an activity that is repeated on a regular basis (such as going to bed) can help build language skills. For a child who is blind/visually impaired or very young, small objects or pieces of items can be collected and glued into the book for tactile feedback.

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