Resources to Support EI Work During COVID-19 - Early Intervention Technical Assistance Online Learning Portal

Tele-Intervention is an effective strategy for delivering Early Intervention services during the COVID-19 public health emergency. This learning object will provides an overview of Tele-Intervention and tips to ensure quality practices using this mode of service delivery.

Tip Sheet: Face Mask Requirements: From the National Center on Domestic Violence, Trauma and Mental Health, his tip sheet highlights best practices for navigating face mask requirements within an accessible, culturally responsive, and trauma-informed (ACRTI) approach.

NCPMI Family Engagement infographic:This NCPMI Infographic capitalizes on the importance of family engagement during virtual sessions. It is adapted from a great checklist, which is hyperlinked at the bottom, that gives great examples of how to stay focused on the child, family, and embedding instruction within their routines!

Ideas for tele-intervention: Do you need some new fresh ideas for how to deliver Tele-Intervention? Check out this great infographic that summarizes videos from ECTA in addition to the link to view the videos that meet your needs!

Determining A Child’s Eligibility for Early Intervention Services Remotely: Included here are guidance, considerations, and resources for state staff and local practitioners who are determining Part C eligibility remotely. While on the page make sure you look at “Planning for Remote Eligibility Determination.”  Preschool information is coming soon.

Resources for Masks for Children: The Office of Child Development and Early Learning is sharing this list of resources for program staff and families.  These resources do not, and are not intended to, prescribe specific guidance about mask wearing for children.

Resources for Conducting Evaluations Virtually: This padlet hosts all the resources from the webinar including the webinar powerpoints.

Infant Toddler Tele-Intervention  and Preschool Tele-Intervention webinars provide technology tips and a framework for structuring an Early Intervention session. This goal matrix can be used with families to track how they can embed goals into their daily routines and activities.

Publisher’s Statements: This padlet has a document with the list of tools used for evaluations and their publishers. It also contains statements from publishers on using technology to administer standardized assessments. Additional statements will be added as they are made available.

Tips for Families: This tip sheet can help families prepare for Tele-intervention services for the first time. It provides information on what to expect and how you can prepare.

Resources for EI Families During COVID-19 Mitigation Efforts: This document has a list of resources to support families of children in Early Intervention during COVID-19.

Early Intervention Services During COVID-19 Infographic: This infographic will help families navigate Early Intervention services during COVID-19 mitigation efforts. Spanish version also available.  Share on social media and with your networks!

Ten Strategies for Engaging Parents during Tele-Intervention: This article offers practical strategies for Early Interventionists to use when coaching parents using tele-intervention.  See how these strategies helped an Early Interventionist perform successful assessments.

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