EITA provides both statewide and regional training initiatives that are developed through the analysis of statewide data, including program monitoring results, state and federal requirements, relevant research, and planning with state department staff. Statewide professional development trainings are provided across the Commonwealth when it is necessary to ensure a consistent message from the Office of Child Development and Early Learning. Family members are always welcome to attend. Examples of current statewide training initiatives include Inclusion, Early Intervention Leadership, Autism, Positive Behavior Supports and Social/Emotional Skills, Assessment and Evaluation, Low Incidence Disabilities including Traumatic Brain Injury, Early Language and Literacy and Parent Leadership.

EITA also provides local training and technical assistance through the development of an individualized Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) with each Infant Toddler and Preschool Early Intervention Program. The QEP is developed annually and is based on findings from EI Verification.  The process for developing the QEP is the result of conversations, data collection and analysis, research, stakeholder engagement, and clear identification of outcomes.  The QEP process also includes discussions of the training and technical assistance needed to reach the QEP outcomes and how changes to the EI Program will be evaluated.