Pennsylvania families of young children attending early care and education programs (childcare, PreK Counts, Head Start, etc.) are invited to apply for a unique opportunity. Faculty teaching early childhood coursework in PA colleges and universities are looking for families to provide their insight and perspectives to impact future early childhood teachers. Applications to participate are now being accepted until November 18. If admitted, you will be compensated for time spent in training and working with faculty. For more information see the Seeking Family Voices Recruitment Flyer

Early Intervention Services and Supports: Facts for Families will answer your questions about what to expect from Early Intervention, who provides services, what services will look like, and how services support families and children’s learning in daily activities in home, childcare, preschool and the community. 

Welcome!  The information on this page is geared to help families connect with other families and get more involved in shaping Early Intervention services at the local and statewide levels.  Also included are some key resources that may be of interest to you as you support your child’s learning and development and begin to navigate and understand the Early Intervention and Early Childhood programs in Pennsylvania.  Lastly, links to some of the important forms that are used in Early Intervention are included on these pages.

Come back to the page often, as we plan on highlighting family stories and resources on a regular basis.



How families and professionals can build relationships through everyday, simple interactions. Handout for Families and Educators Building Relationships. 


How to build strong, lasting relationships with the professionals in your life. Handout for Relationship-Focused Family Engagement for Families.

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