Service Coordination Guide

The Service Coordination Guide was created to be a helpful tool and resource for Infant Toddler Service Coordinators and their supervisors.

As a Service Coordinator (SC) your role is integral to Early Intervention (EI). We hope this guide will give you the resources you need to perform your job responsibilities. Of course, this guide does not encompass everything you will need to know. It will serve as a starting point for your development and growth as an SC. You may also use the guide as a point of reference to go back to as you support children and families. 

In this interaction, you will find a link to the document as well as the PDF version.

KSSC -Knowledge and Skills for Service Coordinators: common set of knowledge and skills of Part C, Early Intervention (EI) service coordinators to recognize their unique and specialized role.

Knowledge and Skills for Service Coordinators Self-Assessment: Use the self assessment scale to reflect on your knowledge and skills. Then use the action plan to identify goals and activities you would like to pursue as it relates to your strengths and areas of need. Note, there are no right or wrong answers. Just your honest assessment so you can track your strengths, needs and progress as you develop your knowledge and skills.

Service Coordination Checklist for Providing Information to Families about Medical Assistance: This document provides guidance to Infant Toddler Early Intervention Service Coordinators on discussing enrollment in Pennsylvania’s Medical Assistance program with families. In addition, this infographic about Applying for Medicaid for a Child with a Disability can be given to families to assist them in applying for MA.

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