2023 Infant Toddler Policy Forum: Find the agenda and handouts for the 2023 Infant Toddler Policy Forum.

Early Intervention Family Survey Webinar: The Early Intervention Annual Family Survey starts on February 1, 2023.  This webinar describes changes to the survey and reviews ideas for disseminating the survey to families.

New Leader Chats: EITA will begin offering New Leader Chats, a series of one-hour networking opportunities where new EI leaders can discuss EI procedures, processes, current topics, and resources important to the operation of programming for infants, toddlers, and preschool children with disabilities and their families. While the target audience and focus will be directed towards new leaders who have been in their role for less than 2 years, all leaders are welcome to attend for collaboration. 

Motivating Your Team:  Motivated people enjoy and succeed in their jobs. Read more about key theories, strategies, and tools that can help your EI team maintain enthusiasm for their work!

Early Intervention Leadership Guide: Check out the new Early Intervention Leadership Guide from the Office of Child Development and Early Learning! Whether you are a new leader in EI or a veteran leader, utilize this guide to review information, help answer questions, and support you in your leadership role. Please make sure to visit this page often to ensure you are using the most updated version of the EI Leadership Guide. (updated February 2023)

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