The Early Language and Literacy Pyramid is a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) that reflects the importance of a solid foundation. Each interactive tier includes practices and strategies that support your work. The targeted and intensive tiers provide you information needed to support some of our young learners.

Take a tour of the Early Language and Literacy Pyramid!

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If you are using a mobile device, you may need to view the Early Language and Literacy Pyramid using this link.

Read Aloud 15 Summer 21 Day Challenge: Access resources to help children develop language and literacy skills through reading! Take the 21 day challenge this summer and track their progress in a variety of creative ways. Children, families, and professionals can participate in this challenge at home, in the classroom, or anywhere else this summer takes them!

Books About Feelings for Babies and Toddlers: Although early childhood is an incredibly joyful time, it is also very common for babies and toddlers to, at times, struggle with hard to understand feelings and experiences. Utilize and reading list to help children make sense of “big feelings” that they may experience in life.

Children’s Books for Building Friendships: August 2nd is National Friendship Day, so read with your young friends and celebrate the importance of friendship for all!

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