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PaTTAN Deaf-Blind Initiative

Find a variety of resources related to supporting children who are deaf-blind and information for families in order to support their child’s growth and development

Isaiah's Story

This interaction provides a family’s story and perspectives in supporting their child who is deaf-blind.

The National Center on Deaf-Blindness have modules designed for practitioners who want to improve their knowledge of deaf-blindness and gain practical information they can use right away in the home or classroom. ”Early Intervention for Children Who Are Deafblind,” the second module in the popular series “Teaching Children Who Are Deafblind: Professional Development for Educators” is now available for your use!  This new training resource can be accessed free on the NCDB website.  Click here to visit the full module.

Families who learn that their child is deaf or hard of hearing often have many questions and are unsure of the next steps they need to take. Family Connections for Language and Learning is a program made up of a team of experienced parents of children who are deaf or hard of hearing and deaf/hard of hearing adults. They can help families as they navigate the Early Intervention system and explore communication opportunities for their child. Services are provided at no cost to families.

The PPDB is a family-led organization that was created to help people who are deaf-blind and their families make these connections and support each other.

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