Flyer for Supporting Young Children with Autism Webinars: The Military Families Learning Network EI Team presents a four-part webinar series that focuses on supporting young children with autism and their families throughout their daily routines at home and in the community.

Making Life Easier: This series is designed specifically for parents and caregivers with valuable information on how to make often challenging events easier to navigate, and even enjoyable, for both caregivers and children, including naptime/bedtime, diapering, and holiday routines, as well as community outings.

ASD Toddler Initiative project: Want to learn more about Evidence-based Practices (EBP) to engage and teach toddlers with autism across natural environments? Frank Porter Graham’s website has free trainings and resources, like this tipsheet for Parents & Practitioners about Naturalistic Intervention.

Head Start Center for Inclusion: provides resources that can help teachers include children with disabilities more naturally in the ECE classroom. These tools are designed to be easy to print and post, with quick explanations and tips for visual supports, inclusion checklists, and simple social stories.

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