National Autism Conference 2022: View the sessions from the 2022 National Autism Conference for FREE, from home. Sessions offer a wide range of topics and speakers, including supporting the development of young children with autism within home, community, and early childhood educational settings.

ASERT: Early Indicators: Did you know the earliest characteristics of autism can emerge between 6-18 months, with reliable diagnosis by 24 months? Explore ASERT Early Indicators, as well as Early Signs of Autism on the EITA Mobile App for resources to support concerns and next steps.

Frank Porter Graham UNC Natural Resources monthly newsletter: Visual supports are an evidence-based practice that can support the engagement and participation of young children with Autism. This resource focuses on free resources for learning about and using visual supports!

Autism Speaks Toolkits: Are you interested in family-friendly toolkits that can help you to support the participation of your young child with autism this fall? Check out the Autism Speaks toolkits to learn more about creating successful routines for sleep, toilet training, getting a haircut, visiting the dentist or doctor or new strategies to support challenging behaviors and more! Toolkits for siblings and grandparents, as well as community members are also available!

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