WIDA Focus Bulletin:  This Focus Bulletin invites early care and education (ECE) educators to promote equity for young multilingual children and their families. In the bulletin, WIDA offers ideas for taking a language-focused approach to equitable caregiving and instructional practice in ECE settings. Also, WIDA highlights voices from the field, and offers reflection questions to help you consider what it means to promote equity for multilingual children and their families.

WIDA Early Years Guiding Principles of Language Development: The WIDA Early Years Guiding Principles of Language Development provide practitioners with a broad perspective on key concepts related to the language development of young children learning multiple languages. To further clarify the guiding principles, these research highlights provide practitioners with research-based descriptions and examples of effective practices.

Young Multilingual Children in Pennsylvania Study: In this study, completed for the Pennsylvania Office of Child Development and Early Learning, we explore the perceptions, experiences, and decision-making of 13 parents of young multilingual children, ages birth to 5 years. The focus revolves around children’s language learning and development, family engagement practices, and children’s participation in early care and education (ECE) programs.

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