ECLKC Resources: Are you working with Dual Language Learners and their families who do not speak the same language as you? Check out the resources available from ECLKC on supporting Dual Language Learners for both classroom staff and home visitors including cultural guides on supporting home language and language modeling with infants.

Learning Language Every Day: Activities for Families: WIDA Early Years provides activities to start conversations with children about their family, what they like to play, how they feel, what sound they hear in their home or community, and the weather.  This resource is also available in Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic through the WIDA Resource Library.

WIDA Early Years Promising Practices Implementation Kit:

The Promising Practices Implementation Kit, a resource for early care and education (ECE) professionals who serve young multilingual children and families, offers:

  • Guidelines for supporting multilingual children and families
  • Practical suggestions and voices from the field
  • Opportunities for self-reflection
  • Individual pathways for self-study
  • Support for data-informed decision-making
  • Interactive and engaging content that you can put into action immediately



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