Engaging with Families of Young Multilingual Children: review WIDA’s identified ABCs of Family Engagement – awareness, advocacy, brokering, building trust, communication, and connect to learning – to engage equitably with families of multilingual children.

Concept Tool: A Language-Focused Approach to Planning Equitable Learning Opportunities: A language-focused approach to planning applies an equity and language lens to the design of active and engaging learning opportunities for young children. Explore this tool to learn more about the what, how, and why of a language-focused approach to planning equitable learning opportunities for multilingual children.

WIDA Early Years Guiding Principles of Language Development: The WIDA Early Years Guiding Principles of Language Development provide practitioners with a broad perspective on key concepts related to the language development of young children learning multiple languages. To further clarify the guiding principles, these research highlights provide practitioners with research-based descriptions and examples of effective practices.

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