Linking to Other Families

A program that links parents to parents throughout Pennsylvania with trained and experienced parent guides.

A website that links families of infants and toddlers newly identified with deafness and hearing loss throughout Pennsylvania with trained and experienced parent guides.

Leadership Development

Information about leadership development training for families of children who receive EI services. Resources related to transition for C2P2 EI participants can be found on our padlet.

A Pennsylvania initiative that brings together families of children who have received Early Intervention services with opportunities to contribute to professional development and pre-service learning.  Please fill out the Contact Sheet if you would like to be added to our email list and database. This sheet will need to be downloaded to your computer, saved, filled out and then either e-mailed or faxed back.

Advisory Groups

A governor appointed advisory board of parents, Department of Education, Human Services, and Health representatives, and others appointed members who advise the departments on the Pennsylvania Early Intervention System. SICC meetings are hosted in Harrisburg and downlinked to numerous sites across Pennsylvania.  Family members are welcome and encouraged to come to the host or downlink sites to learn more about what’s happening at the statewide level.

The Local Interagency Coordinating Councils (LICC)

Local groups that includes families, county administration, Intermediate Units, school districts, Early Intervention providers, Head Start, service coordinators, health agencies, and other community organizations that works toward the overall goal of enhancing local Early Intervention supports and services. For information about your local LICC contact Suzanne Pasquariello:

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