CARA’s Kit provides tools and resources to guide you through the process of making adaptations for individuals or groups of children who are experiencing challenges during every day routines and activities. This resource provides guidance for working with both toddlers and preschool-age children. As you explore various classroom situations you will find that they are linked to Pennsylvania’s Early Learning Standards for Toddlers and Pre-Kindergarten. 

Bringing Inclusion to Life in a Virtual World is a recorded webinar that highlights the shift from an in-person service delivery strategy to a virtual service delivery strategy. It also addresses how to continue to meet the social and emotional needs of children by creating opportunities within these new environments and reinforces the importance of communicating with families to prioritize the needs of every child.

Promoting Social-Emotional Skills During Virtual Learning: Why should you continue to program for social skills in your virtual settings? Social-emotional development is especially important during early childhood. Promoting social skills in young children can help prevent challenging behavior and support the development of relationships with peers and adults. Both of these factors have been linked to academic success beyond childhood and into young adulthood. This user-friendly resource provides you with multiple opportunities and strategies on how to accomplish this task successfully! 


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