The Family Survey Kickoff Webinar provides the important information about the Early Intervention Survey Process for FY 19-20.  Included in the webinar are:  background of the family survey, a review of the new family survey, logistics of the survey, and dissemination materials.  In addition, questions from the field were also fielded.

Notice of Recommended Educational Placement (NOREP) Webinar: This webinar explains the foundation of what a NOREP is, requirements from IDEA and Chapter 14 in regard to a NOREP, and recent updates to the NOREP from OCDEL to ensure that we are documenting information in an appropriate way for families. We have included the powerpoint from the webinar as a resource as well. 

Productive,Focused,Happy: While most of us are dealing with changes to our routines, at times it can be difficult to stay focused and productive. When you need a break in your leadership, listen to the podcast: Productive, Happy, Focused, to learn about small changes that you can make that will lead to big success at work and in your daily life.

Developing Your Leadership Pipeline: Succession planning is vital for any organization. It is especially important while trying to lead that organization from a new environment. Developing Your Leadership Pipeline is a resource designed to help you narrow your focus to 5 “rules” that will help you begin or finish your succession plan effectively.


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