The Family Survey Kickoff Webinar provides the important information about the Early Intervention Survey Process for FY 19-20.  Included in the webinar are:  background of the family survey, a review of the new family survey, logistics of the survey, and dissemination materials.  In addition, questions from the field were also fielded.

Notice of Recommended Educational Placement (NOREP) Webinar: This webinar explains the foundation of what a NOREP is, requirements from IDEA and Chapter 14 in regard to a NOREP, and recent updates to the NOREP from OCDEL to ensure that we are documenting information in an appropriate way for families. We have included the powerpoint from the webinar as a resource as well. 

Whole Leadership: A Framework for Early Childhood Programs provides leaders with a conceptual framework at no cost that addresses the need for consistent standards and policies across program settings. Leadership involves maximizing team capacity to develop and sustain early intervention programs with both operational and strategic planning while grounding yourself in reflective practices, communication, and relationship building. This framework outlines the importance of knowing the knowledge and competencies that are necessary for success in the form of three domains: leadership essentials, administrative leadership, and pedagogical leadership.

What Does It Mean to Be a Leader in Early Childhood Education? is an article that supports leaders in recognizing that they should be thinking about the future by incorporating the importance of succession planning into their strategic planning.  It provides insight into discovering that many of your current staff may already have skills that could, with time and training, develop them into the next generation of strong leaders in your program.

Strengths-based Leadership is the ability to identify and make the best use of your own and your team members’ strengths. This article highlights the four broad groupings of people that combine to produce strong leadership: executing, influencing, relationship building, and strategic thinking.

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