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Series: Leading from the Floor: An Early Intervention Podcast 

Description: Do you want to feel more confident navigating the ever changing world as an Early Intervention Leader? Join EITA Consultants as they interview featured guests to bring you in the moment reminders, solutions, and organizational tips about the complexities of EI Leadership. If you want to hear more about the most meaningful and relevant topics to you, then Leading from the Floor: An Early Intervention Podcast, is for you!


Leadership Series: Episode 1 ~ From Teamwork to Transition
Are there times when you find yourself at a crossroads in knowing the best way to care for your needs and at the same time positively building up the teams you support?  In the first episode of Leading from the Floor, your hosts take you on a brief, 15 minute, journey where they will share simple resources, strategies and tools that have assisted them in building self-care routines and developing ways to maintain morale with teams. These elements are essential for working with teams. In addition, the hosts will leave you with some reminders on how to support the transition process as a team. They are joined by Sadia Batool, an EI family member, who provides additional insight and tips that have assisted her family with the transition process.

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Leadership Series: Episode 2 – From Critical Conversations to Creating Connections

The building of successful teams does not always mean that the road traveled will lead to universal agreement every step of the way. In this episode of Leading from the Floor, your hosts provide you with the ways in which dispute resolution techniques can be used to maintain a positive and child/family centered working relationship. We will also hear from Nicole McCarthy, the parent of a child receiving speech services in Early Intervention, who will tell us more about how her team partnered effectively and led to the best results for her child and family.

In the same manner that a focus on communication supports the development of family partnerships, it is also a critical component in building strong organizational teams. This coupled with trust, accountability, resilience, and empathy can turn the dial in moving from a manager to a leader, and in turn, supports leaders in successful problem solving with staff and families.

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From Critical Conversations to Creating Connections Transcript

Series: Mindfulness

Description: Did you know that you have an untapped superpower at your disposal at this very moment? Join EITA Consultant and Mindfulness Trainer, Dr. Jennifer Furness, as she walks you through 6 mini-episodes of Mindfulness techniques that can each be completed in 5 minutes or less! Each technique has been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety, in addition to increasing your overall sense of wellbeing.

Mindfulness Series: Episode 1 ~ Mindful Eating
In this episode, Jen walks you through a 3-minute mindful eating practice. If you would like more information on mindful eating, check out 6 Ways to Practice Mindful Eating by Christopher Willard.

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Mindful Eating Podcast Transcript 


Mindfulness Series: Episode 2 ~ A Mindful Walk

In this episode, Jen Furness walks you through a 3-minute mindful walk. If you would like more information on getting the most out of your mindful walking practice, take a look at What Is Mindful Walking Meditation and How Can It Impact Your Life?  by Jeremy Sutton, Ph.D.

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Mindful Walk Podcast Transcript

Series: PA Early Intervention Family Voices


Families Attending Conferences: Tips from PA Family Leaders in Early Intervention

Description: Family Leaders in Early Intervention discuss their experiences attending conferences in the past and offer tips and suggestions for families thinking about attending future conferences. Sadia Batool and Naomi Galman are parents of children with disabilities who have gone through Early Intervention in Pennsylvania. They are interviewed by EITA consultant, Toni Miguel in this 14 minute podcast.

If you are interested in becoming involved with Parents as Partners in Professional Development (P3D) please complete the P3D signup form to be added to the list.

Families Attending Conferences Transcript

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