Creating Routines for Love and Learning: This resource provides a number of strategies for using routines to support relationships and learning with your child.

Teaching Emotions: Activity Ideas to Share with Families. This one page document shares a variety of activities that families can use to help teach their children emotions, such as sharing stories in a new way, playing “Make a Face” , “Mirror Mirror” and more.

Sesame Street “Belly Breathe” with Elmo: Sesame Street has a variety of activities to help children in dealing with emotions. Belly Breathe is a quick youtube video that you can use with your child to calm down by using belly breathing to take a break.

Wearing Masks: Social stories are a tool that help children in understanding and developing communication skills. The stories target a specific event or situation that a child may encounter and can be used over and over again to help them to prepare. This story was designed to help children in understanding the use of wearing a mask.

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