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Transition Announcement EI #13-01
Transition of Toddlers to Preschool or Other Community Services (external link)  
This link will take you to the PDE website with a listing of all Early Intervention Announcements. You may also want to view the Questions and Answers Document (external link) about the Transition Announcement
Guidelines to Support the Early Intervention Process: Transition

This guide for Early Intervention is designed to give the reader information quickly and succinctly.  The guidelines include or refer the reader to legal requirements, suggest quality practices, and clarify activities related to Transition for children transitioning from the Infant Toddler Early Intervention program to the Preschool Early Intervention program.



This document is an overview of the IDEA Part C & Part B transition requirements for late referrals to Part C (<135 days of child’s 3rd birthday) Late referrals to Part C (external link)
This publication explains what parents/guardians can expect to experience when their child approaches the transition from preschool early intervention to a school-age program.  Transition Process from Early Intervention to School-Age Programs (external link)
Timeline indicators for children determined eligible at least 90 days prior to their 3rd birthday. Transition Timeline (external link) 


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In this resource, you’ll find information on:

  • Fun Ways to Get Ready for Preschool
  • Responding to Your Child’s Worries
  • The Preschool Countdown: What to Do and When
  • Saying a Good Good-Bye

Zero to Three Site (external link) 

This OSEP transition initiative website is based on the recognition of the need for a more uniform, consistent and evidence-based framework for technical assistance to address transition issues. The National Early Childhood Transition Initiative (external link) 
From this link you will be able to access information related to transition including laws and regulations, links to other national resource centers as well as resources and training materials. Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center (external link)