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15 Minutes a Day to School Success!

Time is precious to families and just 15 minutes can seem like a lot of time with everything they need to get done in a day. But what if they knew that reading aloud to their child for just 15 minutes a day could be the single greatest contribution to their child’s school success? How … Continued

Soothe with Singing: The Power of Lullabies

Can you remember a lullaby that was sung to you?  Perhaps it was a traditional lullaby, like Hush, Little Baby or Itsy-Bitsy Spider, or a favorite song such as A Bushel and a Peck or Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Lullabies are a wonderful way to soothe and calm little ones and serve a greater purpose … Continued

Celebrating the Importance of Early Childhood Education through Reading

“To learn to read is to light a fire.” –Victor Hugo Here at EITA, we know the importance of high quality early childhood education, early intervention and the role that literacy plays in early success in schools. So, on Thursday, October 27, 2016, we encourage you to join Jumpstart, a national organization that is working … Continued

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