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Early Intervention Technical Assistance Portal

Individualizing Transition Plans

Use this resource to explore ways to ensure transition plan outcomes and activities are individualized. This interaction may be especially useful when a child is transitioning from Infant/Toddler to Preschool, Preschool to School-Age, or either program to the community.

Infant Toddler Session Notes

Use this resource to increase caregiver participation throughout the session, to help them recognize the child’s progress, and to capture what was important to the caregiver(s) about the session and their plan for embedding.

Developmental Milestones

Use this resource, along with the printable lists within it, to support conversations with families and professionals. Remember, this is NOT a diagnostic tool for eligibility.

Coaching Strategies Used in Routines

Use these coaching strategies when working with families and caregivers to embed intervention in everyday routines and activities. These strategies are documented on the session note.

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