Assistive Technology in Early Childhood

This site includes links to resources that define and describe AT for young children. You will find guidance for leaders as well as links to federally funded projects that focus on supporting participation of young children with disabilities through the use of AT.ECTAC website (external link)

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The Let’s Participate! targets early intervention and early childhood professionals and families of young children. It provides information and training materials on the ways in which AT can support the participation of young children with disabilities in daily routines so that they benefit from the learning opportunities inherent in such activities. Let’s Participate(external link)

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This site contains online learning modules and resources on a wide array of assistive and instructional technology topics, including topics related to early childhood. Webinars, linked videos, and other resources are included. This site is useful for professionals and families. CTD Library(external link)

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From the text (published by Brookes) Assistive Technology for Young Children, this form provides prompts for teams as they consider the need for assistive technology to support functional participation in daily activities and routines  for young children. Download form (external link)


This document provides clear definitions and examples of AT that can be used to support a child’s development and participation within natural early childhood routines and activities.


Resources – AT Lending Library Information

The Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network (PaTTAN) Short Term Loan (STL) Program is a library of assistive technology (AT) available for loan to local educational agencies (LEA) for a six week trial and assessment period. This page describes all AT resources available for loan and procedures for borrowing. Short Term Loan Program at PaTTAN (external link)
Pennsylvania’s Initiative on Assistive Technology (PIAT) supports Pennsylvanians of all ages with disabilities. It promotes access to and acquisition of assistive technology devices and services, which allow for choice, control and independence at home, school, play, and in the community. PIAT provides information on equipment demonstrations and loans. PIAT (external link)

Professional Development

Assistive Technology for Access and Participation in Typical Early Childhood Settings


This is an online learning module to be used for professional development related to use of AT in early childhood. The goals of the module are 1) Describe assistive technology interventions to promote children’s access to and participation in inclusive settings, and 2) Use a decision-making process to help integrate various sources of evidence and determine whether assistive technology interventions are appropriate for use within a specific context. Online Module(external link)