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Why Does S/he Do That!?

While childhood is a time of growth and exploration, growing up isn’t easy.  Nor is it always easy supporting a child in that process. There is so much to learn and to teach in order for a child to develop the skills needed to successfully manage himself/herself across the myriad of circumstances of daily living.  … Continued

Talking to Families about Challenging Behavior

Discussing a child’s challenging behavior can be less stressful and more productive when you invest in relationships, stick to facts, and focus on solutions. Talking to families can be intimidating. It can be made easier when it’s the child that constantly makes you laugh or you have a cute anecdote to share with the family member … Continued

DOTs – What are They?!

They are part of your quest to find better ways to involve families and caregivers in sessions! Talking with families about their children’s development can be challenging as you wonder… how much is too much information? What are the topics that matter most to families? What developmental skills cross domains and are essential for learning? … Continued

Suspension/Expulsion in ECE: Why It Matters

    While supporting children in early childhood settings, does it feel like classrooms are becoming more challenging? Do teachers think that it is harder to teach and work with some young children because of their difficult behavior? If so, you are not alone. This is something that is being shared nationally. You may be seeing stories … Continued

Child Development: What’s Style Got to Do with It?

Ask most parents who have more than one child and they will tell you how completely different they are from one another. Each child has his or her own unique style. One might be energetic, outgoing and inquisitive while another might be reserved and reflective. So what do parents and other caregivers need in order … Continued

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