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The Certification Cycle has been developed to ensure continued implementation of the state identified practices which align with the Pennsylvania Principles of Early Intervention. The process is designed to be manageable and is consistent with other professional licensing and certification processes.

As professionals in the field of early intervention we recognize the importance of continuing to build our knowledge and skills to provide high quality early intervention services and supports to all children and their families throughout the state. The most effective way to support the success of young children and their families is through a commitment to our own ongoing professional development.

Watch the video below for information on the certification cycle and requirements to maintain endorsement.

Please note the chapters icon available on the bottom toolbar to allow for easy access to topics covered in the video. 

Certification Cycles video chapters

Start – 1:03 Certification cycle overview

1:04 – 1:36 Effective date and 3 year cycle

1:37 – 2:38 Endorsement years aligned with fiscal years

2:39 – 3:15 Locating expiration date on certificate of endorsement

3:16 – 4:40 Coaching Approved Training (CAT)

4:41 – 5:57 Certification cycle and required CAT hours for those endorsed prior to July 1, 2024

5:58 – 6:56 Certification cycle and required CAT hours for those endorsed after July 1, 2024

6:57 – 7:21 Chart for determining CAT hour requirements based upon date of endorsement

7:22 – 7:58 Maintaining endorsement

7:59 – 9:06 Random selection for video submission

9:07 – end Key messages

All PA Early Intervention Coaches who were endorsed prior to July 1, 2024, will be issued a new certificate with the date of issue and date of expiration. If you have not received your updated certificate by July 30, 2024, please contact the EITA Help Desk and provide the date your original certificate was issued.

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