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Implementation Science

This overview of Implementation Stages is designed to help practitioners (in sites, communities, and state organizations) build Active Implementation capacity to ensure continually improving academic and behavioral outcomes. This ensures a long-term system change process to implement and sustain Embedded Instruction.

Stages are important as they allow for intentional planning for Core Leadership Teams (CLT) to do the right work at the right time. They increase the likelihood of sustainability through every stage. Additionally, the stages encourage ongoing support of the initiative over time. Read further to learn about Core Leadership Teams.

Core Leadership Team

The Core Leadership Team (CLT) is comprised of individuals in each local program who will develop, guide, and monitor the implementation of Embedded Instruction. The team will manage the change effort by identifying and providing the support needed to implement Embedded Instruction practices across contexts. Core Leadership Teams form during exploration and continue to provide guidance to actively support implementation through all stages of implementation.

This is a small, skilled team with diverse perspectives and defined leadership. Common team functions include communicating across community partners, planning, problem-solving, ensuring training, collecting data, and analyzing data.

How to access Core Leadership Team Resources: Your CLT will identify two members (one Early Intervention representative and one Early Childhood representative) who will have access rights to all available CLT resource documents. These CLT members can download the resources as needed, and they are responsible for sharing them with the rest of the CLT. Please provide your EITA Consultant the names of these two CLT members and inform them of changes moving forward.

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