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What's Next?

The learning path provides a basic understanding of SS-OO-PP-RR and the Family 5Q, the two frameworks utilized in Family Guided Routines Based Intervention (FGRBI). Upon completion, individuals who work directly with families and caregivers in their homes will need to make an informed decision regarding the next step on their journey to becoming endorsed as a PA Early Intervention Coach: join a Professional Learning Community (PLC) or a Trio Group.

Both PLCs and Trios offer the opportunity for enhanced learning and practical application of FGRBI principles and practices to ensure the consistent delivery of high-quality Early Intervention services for all children and families in Pennsylvania, regardless of where they live in the state.

Watch the video below for information to help determine next steps.

End of the Learning Path Video

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and Trios

Participation in a Professional Learning Community or Trio Group is a time commitment for all involved. Assurance Documents are designed to support individuals understanding what is required for successful participation prior to joining a PLC or Trio Group. Scheduling information and Assurance Documents can be reviewed below.
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