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Efficient and Equitable: The Service Referral Process

Whether you are an EI Coordinator/SC Supervisor ensuring your 14-day data looks good, or an SC working directly with families offering provider choice, you might struggle with the best way to meet those objectives and the needs of your system. As Service Coordinators, it is important that you support and facilitate family choice of providers. You … Continued

Specialized Roles for Service Coordination

Specialized roles for service coordination were a hot topic during the Service Coordination Think Tank held by the Bureau of Early Intervention Services and Family Supports in June and December 2017. Early Intervention has grown and evolved in Pennsylvania over the past 30 years, over time needs changed, and many counties adjusted the role of … Continued

Why Does S/he Do That!?

While childhood is a time of growth and exploration, growing up isn’t easy.  Nor is it always easy supporting a child in that process. There is so much to learn and to teach in order for a child to develop the skills needed to successfully manage himself/herself across the myriad of circumstances of daily living.  … Continued

The Value of Family Culture: From Conflict to Shared Understanding

In the course of your everyday work you are bound to interact with families whose beliefs or values about child rearing, communication, and everyday activities such as feeding, sleeping, toileting, discipline, and play are different from your own. It is important to recognize that these attitudes and beliefs are often bound by culture. Families, including … Continued

15 Minutes a Day to School Success!

Time is precious to families and just 15 minutes can seem like a lot of time with everything they need to get done in a day. But what if they knew that reading aloud to their child for just 15 minutes a day could be the single greatest contribution to their child’s school success? How … Continued

Talking to Families about Challenging Behavior

Discussing a child’s challenging behavior can be less stressful and more productive when you invest in relationships, stick to facts, and focus on solutions. Talking to families can be intimidating. It can be made easier when it’s the child that constantly makes you laugh or you have a cute anecdote to share with the family member … Continued

Soothe with Singing: The Power of Lullabies

Can you remember a lullaby that was sung to you?  Perhaps it was a traditional lullaby, like Hush, Little Baby or Itsy-Bitsy Spider, or a favorite song such as A Bushel and a Peck or Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Lullabies are a wonderful way to soothe and calm little ones and serve a greater purpose … Continued

Culture ≠ One Size Fits All

Culture is… a learned, interrelated, adaptive, shared, symbolic, dynamic, transmitted and constantly moving entity that most often facilitates discussions and communication. The word culture is from the Latin word cultura which derives from the Latin word colere. Its root meaning ‘to cultivate’ references patterns of human activities, symbols and structure and mental capacity. We are all shaped … Continued

DOTs – What are They?!

They are part of your quest to find better ways to involve families and caregivers in sessions! Talking with families about their children’s development can be challenging as you wonder… how much is too much information? What are the topics that matter most to families? What developmental skills cross domains and are essential for learning? … Continued

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